Fiddlesticks Community Volunteers at Healthy Start!

The Fiddlesticks Cares group recently volunteered to assist Healthy Start to repaint thier office building located on 1921 Jerrerson Ave, Fort Myers FL.  The project invovled a two story building in which JL Wallace, Inc. and Ryan Hammond, Inc.,, along with Sherwin Williams who donated the paint all agreeded to help out in the community project. 

The Healthy Start organization uses 94% of its funding for services for the local community.  The goal of Healthy Start Journey is to increase the delivery of effective, evidence-based services in order to improve maternal and infant health outcomes for Florida's residents through the redesign of the Florida Healthy Start program. 

Cathy Timuta, Executive Director of Healthy Start, said, “We are so grateful that the Fiddlesticks Cares Volunteer Group and these local businesses have joined together to help us with this much needed project. Since 94% of Healthy Start’s funding goes directly to services, projects like this are often not affordable for us. It’s going to be exciting to see these volunteers working together on our facility.“

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