Earlier this month the News Press reported, "the Fiddlesticks community pulled off the most successful three-day multisport charitable effort in the event’s 11-year history. The Bobby Nichols-Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation hosted a pro-am golf tournament, a kids’ walkathon and a tennis tournament that raised about $1.2 million, according to Bob Martin, who serves on the nonprofit’s board. “It was a record-breaking year,” he said. Named in honor of PGA champion and Fiddlesticks resident Nichols, it’s raised almost $6 million since 2002".- Click on the link below for the full story

Fiddlesticks host a series of fund raisers consisting in addition to The Booby Nichols-Fiddletsicks Charity Foundation "Pro-am Golf Tournement"

United Way- Annual Drive raised approximately $220,000

Fiddlesticks Cares a Non-Profit Organization, sends volunteers to help local organizations by donating time, repairs, build learning gardens for children, distibute toys, collect children's books and participate throughout the community on a ongoing basis.

February 2013


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