June 2012- FORBES voted FORT MYERS and CAPE CORAL  "Best Places to Retire" 


In the article, published June 2012, by Forbes- both Fort Myers and Cape Coral fall under one of the "25 Best Cities to Retire"- Click here for full article

Fort Myers, Florida -Articles

Fort Myers, Florida:

      • Historic Winter Home to tycoons - Edison and Ford WInter Estates
      • Good Weather
      • No State Income Tax and Low cost of Living
      • Above average air quality
      • Average Home Prices $119,000 

Cape Coral, Florida - Articles

Cape Coral, Florida:

      • More Miles of Canals than anywhere in the world
      • Good Weather
      • No State Income Tax and Low Cost of Living
      • Good Air Quality
      • Average Home Prices $108,000




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