The Odor of the Offerlessness- from Trulia

Showing successfully is about eliminating the obstacles that prevent buyers from seeing a homes value. One huge showing killer can be a home’s odor. Whether it’s the stench of cigarette smoke, pet odor, or an unfortunate bachelor’s “musk,” make sure you remember these handy hacks for eliminating the stinky showing killers you can’t see:

  • Bowl of Vinegar Overnight — Sit a bowl of vinegar in a smelly room overnight and it will help soak up the unwelcomed odor. Queen of Clean, Linda Cobb, also says that if you pour white vinegar over a towel, ring it out, and then wave it around in the room it can help soak up smells in a flash.
  • Happy Hour Spray — Add 2-parts water and 1-part cheap vodka into a spray bottle and spray almost any area in the room. The mixture grabs the smell and evaporates. Bonus tip: This is also called “poor man’s drycleaning” and used to freshen a suit when you don’t have time to hit the cleaners.
  • Have Coffee and an Orange — Coffee grounds and orange peels are great odor neutralizers. Add one of them to a bowl in the room, inside the trash can, or down the garbage disposal to help eliminate odors.
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