A complimentary directory outlining the many beaches of SW Florida

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Enjoy this detailed guide on the SW Florida Beaches

Compliments of Lonely Planet~

Florida hosts 2,276 Miles of Tidal Shoreline

663 Miles of Beaches

Coastlines 1,197 Staute Miles

Plus Approximatley 4,500 Islands GREATER than 10 Acres

 Florida State Flag

Other Interesteing Facts-

 Sailfish Florida State Saltwater Fish State Saltwater Fish SailFish
 Largemouth Bass, Florida State Freshwater Fish State Freshwater Fish Largemouth Bass
 Porpoise, Dolphin, Florida State Mamal State Saltwater Mamal Porposie
 Manatee, Florida State Marine Mamal State Marine Mamal Manatee
 Horse Conch, Florida State Shell State Shell Horse Conch
 Alligator, Florida State Reptile State Reptile Alligator
 Agatized Coral, Florida State Stone State Stone Agatized Coral
 Moondtone, Florida State Stone State Gem Moonstone-In 1970 lawmakers adopted the Moonstone sought to memorize the landing on the moon. 
 Orange Blossom, State Flower State Flower Orange Blossom
 Coreopsis Indian Blanket, Florida State Flower State Wildflower Coreopsis or Indian Blanket
 Sabal Palm, Florida State Tree State Tree Sabal Palm
 Zebra Longwing, Florida State Butterfly State Butterfly Zebra Longwing
 Mocking Bird, Florida State Bird State Bird Mockingbird
  State DAY April 2nd





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